Bringing Wellness Home

Amerimed MIH has a proven track record reflecting over a 92% decrease in hospital readmissions

Bridging the gap between home and hospital

Amerimed MIH provides convenient primary medical care in the privacy, comfort, and safety of your home. With recent advances in technology, Amerimed MIH can provide or coordinate virtually the same primary medical care in your home that you would receive in a traditional doctor’s office. Our providers will develop an individualized plan of treatment in order to ensure the highest quality care for each patient.


Medicare Provider

We accept most Medicare Advantage and private insurance plans in addition to traditional Medicare


Wide Service Area

Our coverage includes numerous locations in Georgia and we are expanding to other states soon. 


State of the Art Care

Our highly professional staff has access to cutting-edge equipment, and our units feature GPS tracking for timely responses

Our Services

Amerimed MIH provides mid-level and physician-level healthcare services to the following market segments:

  • Individuals recently discharged from hospital admissions with certain clinical conditions/diagnoses such as Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, & COPD
  • Home-bound individuals
  • Mobility limited individuals
  • Recently diagnosed individuals of certain chronic illnesses
  • Specialty clinical services (for mobile follow-up and aftercare programs)
  • Individuals that desire high-quality care at their homes and/or places of business

Better Health Starts Here

Under normal circumstances, non-urgent appointments are scheduled within one week.

Amerimed MIH does not provide emergency services. 
If you have an emergency situation, you should contact 911 immediately.

To ensure all patient needs are being met, appoinments are made with an estimated time range. Every effort is made to be arrive within that window, however varying circumstances may affect our arrival time.  We ask that patients receiving a house call be flexible.

Daily schedule is determined by location, medical needs and accommodation of last minute acute appointment requests.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

Amerimed MIH has a clearly-defined purpose


  • Provide Hospitals a safe and economical solution to prevent chronic and costly readmissions for certain clinical conditions (ie., Congested Heart Failure, Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, etc…)
  • Provide customers with a superior service-oriented alternative to traditional institutionalized primary/episodic healthcare
  • Develop relationships with insurance companies and hospitals to provide “transitional care plans” aimed at reducing hospital readmission rates for certain clinical conditions. (Such programs are emerging throughout the nation as a method of enhancing overall patient wellness and satisfaction as well as cutting costs to both the hospitals and the payors by reducing hospital readmissions.)
  • Work with insurance companies to provide home-bound and mobile-limited customers less costly clinical services at home
  • Develop in-house virtual clinics in assisted living centers/networks
  • Participate in the Governments vision of Accountable Care Organizations so as to ensure relevance in the process of creating alternative healthcare delivery models.

North GA/Atlanta 770-554-9773

Central GA/Macon 478-201-9000 

Central GA/Milledgeville 478-295-9999

Central GA/Columbus 706-341-3000

Southeast GA/Savannah 912-598-6000

Other Locations 800-902-8800

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